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nswer: You should have everyone 18 years
of age or older fill out an application and sign Qthe rental agreement.
uestion: I had a tenant move out several months ago. I returned $600.00 of his $1000.00 deposit. He disputes all but
$50.00 of the deductions and has threatened to sue me. He also has not cashed the refund check. How long does he have to sue me?
Answer: In California, the statute of limitations determines the time that you must bring suit to legally enforce a claim. For written agreements, it is four years from the time of the breach. For oral agreements, the statute of
Qlimitations is two years from the time of the breach.
uestion: I have returned the balance of the security deposit to a former tenant after deducting cleaning charges and insufficient
check bank charges. The former tenant claims that I cannot legally deduct the bank charges from the security deposit because that deduction was not specifically stated in the lease. What are my rights?
nswer: California law allows for the use of the security deposit to include other charges than just cleaning, damage and unpaid rent.
There is no legal requirement that they must be specified in the rental agreement in order to be enforced by a court. If the bank charge was for a NSF check, California Civil Code ยง1719 expressly permits a service charge not to exceed $25.00 for the first returned check and $35.00 for each
Qsubsequent returned check.
uestion: Our tenant gave us a thirty-day written notice to terminate her tenancy. She moved out 10 days after serving the notice
and claims she only owes rent up to the day she left. Answer: She is liable up the date the thirty-day notice expires, minus amounts that you can collect by making reasonable efforts to rent the unit to a
day notice expires, minus amounts that
you can collect by making reasonable efforts to rent the unit to a replacement tenant
nswer: She is liable up the date the thirty- rA
eplacement tenant.
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